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Studio Snoop is a creative consulting and design practice that focuses on improving the physical world around us, with a particular emphasis on making our cities, places, and spaces more liveable, enjoyable, and socially beneficial. Founded by Amanda Talbot, an internationally renowned expert in interiors, style, and design, the studio draws on her diverse background in design, trend forecasting, and international magazines. Amanda is the author of two books, Rethink: The Way You Live and Happy, which explore global living trends in the home and local communities. 

Amanda's curiosity about how we can reimagine the world to support both people and the environment has led the studio to focus on nature, human behaviour, community, access, wellbeing, design, craft, art, and technology. She is devoted to focus on a heart-centric approach to design that holds the key values of love, kindness, joy, reimagining, innovation and an obsession in how to bring people and all life together. With a passion for invention and problem-solving, the studio is committed to creating a kinder, more inclusive, fairer, and happier world through design. The studio's team of positive collaborators takes a leadership role in the creative process, listening to clients, asking questions, and striving to deliver projects that are genuinely unique and have heart. In addition, the studio has developed a community of "friends of the studio," including some of the world's leading architects, landscape architects, builders, engineers, craftspeople, artists, suppliers, technologists, and philosophers, who all contribute to the creation of the studio's projects. The studio values its clients and works together with them to rethink traditional ideas that may not have served the needs of people and the environment in the past. The studio's future projects are the ones that will teach them the most, as they continue to strive towards their mission of making the physical world a better place.

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